Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Campfire Roses

This info is for all those who dream of winter hardy roses.

The rose pictured above is called Campfire. It's one of the Canadian Artist's series of roses now being bred in Canada. The roses are either named after famous artists or their art. In the case of Campfire, it's named after a canvas done by Tom Thomson, a Canadian landscape painter.

This rose starts out mostly yellow with bright pink edges like the picture above. And then it becomes more and more pink as time passes, like the picture below. That means you can have roses of different colors on the same plant.

Campfire was brand new last year, so there were no guarantees how it would do. I bought three of them because of their amazing colors and kept my fingers crossed. It was a bad winter last year and many of my older plants had a hard time, but this rose did not. We're in zone 4a, which can get to 30 degrees below zero at some points. But I tend to plant items that can survive the colder zone 3, like Campfire is supposed to be able to do, just in case. All three of the Campfire roses came through with flying colors as you can see.

The plants are still small, but determined to flower. Meanwhile, some other roses that were supposed to handle the weather well didn't. The two Morden Blush roses I planted disappeared completely. And the two Hope for Humanity roses are acting as if they think summer is even worse than the winter was. I expect them to perish soon. That's par for the proverbial course as there are other things to consider besides zones when building a garden.

You can follow all the rules and still have plants die where the data says they're supposed to thrive. In my yard I've learned to follow Mother Nature's lead. Whatever works I do more of. And I don't beat my head against any rocks if a given plant likes the soil in one area in the yard and not another.

Anyway, I wish now that I'd bought more than three Campfire roses. The place I bought the roses from last year was sold out very early. Oh, well! Maybe next year!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Just for fun!

Some crocuses in my yard, a couple of secondhand bunnies, and a tiny watering can I bought at a garage sale a few years back.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Black Rose?

Just for fun! A little Photoshop Magic! I came up with this while practicing some Photoshop tutorials.

There's no such ting as a real black rose yet, though horticulturers may be getting close. But not to worry, Photoshop can fix that!

Below is the rose as it really looks! A bright rosy red Canadian Explorer Rose called Henry Kelsey.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lilac Close-up

The above close-up of a lilac is because I wish spring were a bit further along.

Lover's Moon

This picture is just for fun. Obviously I moved while trying to photograph the moon. But it's kind of neat that the moon now looks like it's shaped like a heart. LOL

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Showy Goldenrod Seedhead

This is the seedhead of a Showy Goldenrod, played with a bit in Photoshop. I don't think the flowers are as showy as the seedhead.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Frosted Rose

In our corner of the Adirondacks we've already had our first hard frost.

First frost pictures are always dramatic! Like this one here of a rose bud covered in ice crystals.